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Founded in the belief that there has to be a better way to search for property online in the Philippines, RealEstate.ph has taken on a duty of care to represent the country and unite the local real estate industry in creating a new online market center. We are an unbiased representative for the industry, with consumer-focused technology to help people make informed and independent real estate buying and renting decisions with confidence. Exclusively for the Philippines, our ambition is to shape the online real estate shopping habits of the country.

RealEstate.ph is directed by five driving principles:


Searching for property is easier and quicker through RealEstate.ph’s keyword-based and map-based search functions. Results can be tailored to location, type of property, price range and can be refined further with advanced search features. Best of all, you can create a shortlist of your favorite properties with the option to save or print your search results.

User Experience

RealEstate.ph is designed to be a fun and engaging experience for all types of users. It’s designed to be the online tool you can’t live without when making a real estate buying or renting decision. It’s also designed to help you weigh your options, allowing you to make your own conclusions and opinions on the value or location. RealEstate.ph is the tool to use and everyone is welcome to play with it and share their user feedback over our beta period this year. This way, we can refine and improve your experience with the site.


Buyers can post comments and reviews on agent and broker profiles. Buyers get their voices heard in the market, opening pathways for feedback to keep consumers safe and industries to play fair. This will also empower those receiving feedback, allowing them to build a strong reputation and expand their personal brand to any given location they serve.

Data Empowerment

RealEstate.ph works with the real estate industry to get listings and developer details direct from the source, ensuring clear and correct information is always available on the site. This safeguards buyers from scams and unhealthy business practices. The data will also help establish a trends report that reports monthly on market value movements as well as buying, selling, and rental activity measurements per location across the Philippines. Over time, RealEstate.ph will offer data mapping trends, reports and analytics to interested buyers, agents, brokers, and property developers.

Mapping Capability

Property location is one of the most important elements when searching for property. With our map search results, you can view property locations on the map and conceptualise the property location with its surroundings. At a glance, you can see how close or how far your property search might be from a shopping mall, a business districts, beach, schools, highway, hospitals and other neighborhoods.

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