Innovas Business (Admin Outsourcing)


Based in Cheshire, but working UK-wide, Innovas Business have been running and supporting small businesses for many years. We understand the pressures often associated with setting up and operating a small company.

Running your accounts, chasing customers, maintaining your administration and customer records, keeping your submissions to the tax man for you and the business up to date, being reachable and not missing that essential sales enquiry, keeping your diary up to date, planning that next sales campaign, updating your website, etc.

By building on our own experience we have developed a series of professional solutions with specialist partners to provide you with the peace of mind to concentrate on selling and making a profit.

We offer a series of fixed price and modular packages which give you the flexibility and choice to suit your business and your budget – typically charged as reasonable monthly fees.

At Innovas Business we will become your partner, supporting you and dealing with all those essential back office services, as well as specialised marketing and communications needs.

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