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Gamucci electronic cigarettesare non-flammable electronic smoking devices capable of delivering smokers normal nicotine shots whenever inhaled without the other toxins associated with traditional cigarettes. It uses a microelectronic technology to provide the exact experience and satisfaction derived by smokers from traditional cigarettes and this technology is said to be the most significant technology that has ever been witnessed by the cigarette industry which is thought to be more than 200 years old already.

Carcinogenic substances such as tar and others are not present in electronic cigarettes even though it looks, feels, and tastes like the real cigarettes. With these little devices, smokers do not need to bother much about their health again especially those that cannot do without nicotine inhalation as Gamucci’s nicotine dilution is toxicologically tested and certified free from cancerous substances which are in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The advantages of e-cigarettes when compared with traditional cigarettes are really much and below are some of the major ones:

    • Neighbors do not face health risks as a result of second hand smoke because e-cigarettes are totally odorless.
    • Tar and other carcinogenic substance are not used in the production of e-cigarettes so users are not exposed to the possibility of lungs cancer.
    • The device is reusable so there is no need to dispose it when the content of the cartomizer is exhausted. All you need do is simply purchase another cartomizer and slot it into the device.
    • Users of electronic cigarettes are not exposed to the 4000 chemical substances produced by normal cigarettes capable of causing danger health wise.

The composition of Gamucci’s electronic cigarette and its working procedures
Gamucci electronic cigarettes are composed of an atomizer, a battery, a cartomizer, and a smart microelectronic chip which controls the whole working process. The atomizer is a small device containing a heating element which is responsible for the vapor produced by the device. The atomizer is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery capable of lasting up to 350 normal puffs of the cigarette; and the cartomizer is like a container containing the liquid that gets vaporized by the atomizer. Gamucci’s cartomizers are filled with propylene glycol solution mixed with nicotine, water, flavoring and other additives. When the cigarette is inhaled, the atomizer springs into action producing vapor which is mixed with the contents of the cartridge and sent down the inhaler’s lungs giving them the exact taste of nicotine they get from traditional smoking products.

E CIGARETTES Gamucci ecigarettes
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