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Electrolux Design experts glean three trends from the international exhibitions this year. These are the few at EuroCucina International Kitchen Exhibition and FTK exhibition featuring cutting-edge built-in appliance and range hood technology that caught their attention:

1. New leap into seamlessness

Appliances showcased this year sport a cleaner and leaner look. Designers have found a way to design household and kitchen appliances that remain functional even without handles or with sleeker and simpler integrated handles. In some cases, kitchen solutions include the use of advanced electro-mechanical opening at the touch of a button. Even dishwashers and refrigerators are not spared. They are built-in and hidden behind matching kitchen cabinet façade with a touch to open function. Now even when your hands are full, there’s no need to struggle with opening the doors of these appliances.


2. Enlivening kitchen with colours

As kitchen design sees less of stainless steel in the overall look, appliance makers are following suit with the play of colours in their new releases. You’ll see more products following the dominant kitchen trend of warm, earthy, and rich hues. Glass finishes are satiny instead of glossy. Also popular at the exhibitions are products in satin black finish being matched seamlessly and elegantly with the surrounding kitchen storage.

The use of colour

3. Multifunctional space

As urban homes become more compact with the integration of open plan living trend, maximizing the use of home space is important. These can be realized via motorized large sliding table tops that cover built-in kitchen hobs that are not in use, or motorized sliding counter tops for storing utensils. Such innovations offer more work space and floor space when needed.

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