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who I am…

Hi my name is John Buskie and I have been a chef for going on 17 years now, so your probably asking your the question ‘ why should I choose John?’ in reality the truth is that you won’t make up your mind straight away from the website and in my experience it will take the first meeting with a caterer to know if their right for you and your event, that’s fine because it’s your event and for you to relax properly you’ll have to feel “@ease” with them.

What I will attempt to do is in the next few sentences is give you an Incite into who I am and what I can do for your event or company.

As a person some of my key attributes are ; determination, creativity, competitiveness, planning, organisation, motivation, punctuality and financial.

As a person I understand the importance of an event from many personal experiences such as my own wedding day so as a professional I look to deliver and exceed customers expectations from the first meeting till The shake of hands at he end of their event.

What I do…

I started my career as a 16 year old at the Glasgow Hilton giving me a good grounding and level of standards, since then I have worked in many of the different categories of the industry from fine dinning, bar/gastro dining, restaurants, and contract catering giving me a well all round knowledge of catering but as a chef your always learning new exciting trends.

What I offer as a caterer is a professional, expert and @ease approach mixed with my personal attributes to perfectly plan, execute and deliver any event.

In my time as a chef I have planned many major events over the years such as Robbie Williams, Bon jovi, Bruce Springsteen, the Olympics, Scottish cup finals and champions league football the list goes on.

I have also won many awards over the years in competitions and won awards for excellent food safety and health and safety practice as well being fully certified as a caterer.

The last few years I have also had the privilege of working with hits Scotland providing one of the courses for the poets lunch for many Scottish businesses and celebrities providing me with the chance to work with some great chefs and individuals.

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